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About Me

Back in 1998 I graduated with my degree in Communications and Mass Media from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh.  It was the end of four years of study that included video, radio, photography, journalism, public relations, events, public speaking underpinned by theory and critique.

I quickly moved into broadcast and stayed there until I realised that it wasn't really what I wanted and the journey then took me into the public sector where I could see first hand what how my role contributed to the wider service and service users.

I rediscovered photography and videography during this time although  very corporate - lots of handing over cheque photos, pipes in the ground, men signing contracts - you get the picture, well I did but it was far from inspiring and it was just part of the day to day.

Until one day I was asked if I could take photos of the Wateraid Ball - a very glamorous event, covered by national press and magazines and a host of celebrities.  I didn't think too much about it until I arrived and this surge of adrenaline took over and woke me up - this was what I wanted and from that moment eight years ago I've put more time and effort and passion into these skills than I ever have in the past.


Well every photograph tells a story, either about love, achievements, highlights, milestones and much more. I’m a storyteller through and through and no matter what you hire me for I’ll find the narrative and personality to tell your story through your images. I enjoy candid photographs, those little moments you rarely get to see.

Photography is more than picking up the camera and seeking awards, for me it’s about real life and playing a pivotal role in an important part of yours.

I enjoying capturing your joy at welcoming your newborn, the arrival of a new pup, taking part in your families milestones and even documenting renovation projects leading to submissions for Scottish house of the year.

I’m a strong supporter of Parkinson’s UK and I’ve been privileged to photograph many events for them over the years and value the relationships I have with each of my clients. The biggest compliment you could ever give me is to walk through my studio door and want to return time and time again.

Visit my photography studio in Bellshill or I can come to photograph you on location. 

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