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All Woman

I may not be a lady But I'm all woman From monday to sunday I work harder than you know I'm no classy lady But I'm all woman And this woman needs a little love to make her strong You're not the only one!

In the words of Lisa Stanfield - you're all woman and this competition is just for you!

Why?  I could go all L'Oreal on you and say you're worth it but its much more than that.  I've lost count of stressed mums running into the studio with their kids dressed to perfection and leaving themselves out and yet quite often they end up in front of the camera anyway because kids want them there.

So ladies, this competition is for you, and only you.  it's not for your pets, your kids, your grandkids, the neighbours kids or the school choir, it's for you and you alone.  

Its time to step back into the light, cast off the every day stresses, relax, unwind and indulge in some you time!

So I want to see you enter this competition worth over £180 and all you have to do is email roz@rbphotoworks.co.uk telling me why you would love some me time in the studio.

The competition includes a glass of bubbly on arrival, a choice of backdrops for your day, a tour of the studio, a chat about your photoshoot, an invite to see your photos on the big screen along with your family, your photos published on the website, on social media and above all you get a framed photo of your choice to take home.

Be kind to you and send me an email 

email roz@rbphotoworks.co.uk with the subject line All Woman by Friday 13 January - hey unlucky for some got cancelled after 2020's shenanigans!

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